laurenstrasnick (laurenstrasnick) wrote in classof2k9,

No Tears, I Swear

As a kid, I would cry each year on my birthday. The idea of aging - six to seven, ten to eleven - seemed heartbreaking and cruel. I would never again know five! Junior high and I were so over. Ninth grade? A blurry memory! Now, at thirty-three, i'm trying for a more reasonable perspective: each year brings possibility! Potential for good change! Instead of clinging woefully to what no longer is, I do my best to look forward.

Fellow 2k9ers: I've learned loads this year. Having twenty-one other debut MG/YA novelists in my life has been huge. You've held my hand while i've contemplated book trailers and launch outfits and twitter accounts and blogging (here I am... still contemplating...). And even though I no longer weep with each passing year, I still can't help feeling a tad mopey and nostalgic as 2010 draws nigh (never again will we know the thrills and spills of first books! Sad, right? So very sad...)... Farewell, 2k9! Together we've been up, down, and all around.

Lauren Strasnick, Nothing Like You, Simon Pulse
Tags: class of 2k9, lauren strasnick

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