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Dear Bloggers:

I am thrilled to be able to say a few words about the amazing Albert Borris and his wonderful book CRASH INTO ME, which is just about to be released by Simon and Schuster. It is an honor and a privilege to represent him.  In keeping with his love of lists in the book, here are my top ten favorite things about Albert and his book:

1)Albert’s tenacity

2) Albert’s dedication

3) Albert’s sense of humor

4) Albert’s love of baseball

5) Albert’s love of life

6) The authentic teen voice

7) The literary references throughout the book

8) His pure, and direct dialogue

9) Albert’s compassion for other people

10) Albert is tough, brave and just a hell of a great guy

I first met Albert at the Yosemite Writers Conference a few years ago. (Yes, agents do actually find new clients at conferences!) We discovered a common bond in the Boston Red Sox. (I just didn’t want the Yankees to win.) We talked, I liked the idea of his book and he sent it. He actually worked with one of my colleagues at first, and now we are back together. Albert attended our Big Sur Children’s Writing Workshop in December and polished the book. (He also ran our Open Mic nights at Big Sur—totally volunteered. But that is Albert!) The Big Sur workshops focus on weak points, and writers spend the whole weekend working closely with three faculty members including editors, authors and agents and we have about 23 success stories in the last twelve years of running the workshops. Writers can find more information at www.henrymiller.org. Albert’s editor at S & S, Anica Rissi will be one of the faculty attending this December 5th weekend. Anica has been the perfect editor for Albert. That is, ultimately, an agent’s job, to make the perfect match. Even if writers don’t come to Big Sur, our agency does a lot of editorial work on manuscripts with writers, new or not. We know that editors don’t have the luxury of working with new writers to edit and polish these days so it is up to agents to help writers make their manuscripts almost production ready. All of Albert’s faculty at Big Sur knew he had a winning manuscript. It is lovely that his book is being compared to our bestselling author Jay Asher’s THIRTEEN REASONS WHY, and while they are both about the important subject of teen suicide, I don’t think they are that much alike. I especially love the literary mentions in CRASH INTO ME—the Judy Garland excerpt and the Forrest passages. I know librarians and booksellers will love the literary aspects of Albert’s book. I also know that once kids find this book, they will tell all their friends about it. And, I am sure that once Albert is back on his feet, he will have many more incredible books to promote.

Andrea Brown


Andrea Brown

Andrea Brown Literary Agency, Inc.

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Salinas, CA 93905

(831) 422-5925 (office)

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Author of Writers and Artists Hideouts: Great Getaways for Seducing the Muse


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Jul. 5th, 2009 03:14 am (UTC)
Can't Wait
I pre-ordered Crash Into Me, and I am so excited that it is almost time for it to arrive!

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