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Raising Kids and Novels


With my eldest child heading off to college in the fall, I’ve been reflecting on (okay, getting sentimental about,) the past 18 years of being her mom. Then I realized I am sending not one, but two of my babies out into the cold, hard world this September! Because that’s when my novel, Haven, will be released. The more I thought about it, the more I saw similarities between raising a child and raising a novel. I’ve jotted them down here for your reading pleasure…


Ten ways raising a child is like raising a novel:

  1. Both make darling babies, perfect in every way.
  2. Both have the ability to keep you up all night or wake you out of a sound sleep, demanding attention.
  3. As they grow, both start to get a little big for their britches, telling you what’s what. You find yourself saying, “I’m the boss,” which they totally ignore.
  4. Both can stump you, leaving you at a loss for words.
  5. Both are on your mind constantly, whether you’re at work, at the gym or on a romantic date with your partner.
  6. Both have really bad timing (see #5)
  7. Both can cause you to pull out your hair, scream like you swore you never would and cause you to act in other ways that make the neighbors raise their eyebrows.
  8. Both surprise you, growing in ways you never imagined.
  9. Both are fiercely loved by you, more than life itself.
  10. And both have tired you out so much that by the time they are in the home stretch, you can’t wait to ship them off – anywhere!


But then, when that day finally comes, you realize how much you’re going to miss them and how quickly the time you had together was. You think of things you should have done differently, things you should have said, but all you can do is hope that what you’ve done will be enough. You pray that they find people who love them as much as you do and who will treat them kindly. You pray for them to find a special place in the world.

Then you straighten their jacket. Give them one last kiss. And wait until they’re out of sight before you start blubbering like a nutball.

 --Beverly Patt

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